Our activities

Scientific research

In our research we use both traditional methods such as tracking, recording of animal traces, analysis of food remains and the latest research methods: genetic analysis, GPS telemetry, camera traps.

Nature conservation

As part of our conservation activities, we conduct wildlife monitoring of large carnivores and help resolve conflict situations involving them.

Education of the public

We provide educational activities for children, young people and adults. We impart research-based, solid knowledge and teach how to live side-by-side with large carnivores.

About the Foundation


The Nature and Science Foundation was established in 2022 by Wojciech Śmietana, a biologist with more than 30 years of experience in research and conservation of large carnivores (wolf, lynx and bear). The published work of the founder can be consulted on the ResearchGate website. Between 2017 and 2020, Wojciech Śmietana was the principal coordinator of nationwide wolf monitoring carried out within the framework of the State Environmental Monitoring. The results of this research are available on the GIOŚ website.


The projects that the Foundation carries out include scientific research, nature monitoring and public education. Thanks to grants and the kindness of donors, the Foundation raises funds that enable it to carry out its activities. Currently, the Foundation is implementing projects with the primary goal of conservation of large carnivores in harmonious coexistence with humans. We invite you to follow the Foundation's operations and take part in educational activities. Together we can contribute to the protection of wildlife!


We study, educate and protect, because nature is our shared good!


e-mail: przyrodainauka@gmail.com

phone: +48 609 766 535


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